Sustainability & Ethics


Minimising my environmental impact and becoming a more sustainable brand is something I'm extremely passionate about. Which is why I was so excited to introduce the new sustainable range last year. The products in this range vary from 100% organic cotton and an organic cotton / recycled polyester blend. They're also made completely cruelty free, responsibly and sustainably using materials that have a lower impact on the world around us and are designed to last. I am also super pleased to say the new collection only uses cotton, organic cotton, recycled poly and recycled cotton!
I wanted to create range that is conscious of the environment and kind to those who are involved in every step of the process, whilst being a fairly accessible price - which Is something that can be hard to come by.
 It's important to say we're all still learning here, L.DROBE is not perfect by any means, but I'm focusing on taking small steps in the right direction.

My aim is to continuously reduce the use of unsustainable materials from my products in the foreseeable future.


All of the packaging I use is eco-friendly, which avoids adding any evil products to landfill. Here is a little more information on what you'll receive in your parcel..
Biodegradable mailing bag: 

The bags are made using an Co-ex EcoBlend combined with D2W biodegradable additive meaning they will harmlessly and automatically self-destruct after the product has served its purpose. Obviously I encourage recycling the bags, however should the bags be littered, degradation can take place within a few short months when exposed to hot climatic conditions. In the right conditions the bags will harmlessly degrade within 2 years leaving no micro plastics. The bags can be recycled with other oil-based plastics – unlike “compostable” plastics, which will ruin a normal plastic recycling process.

Swing tags: 
Both the twine string & swing tag can be recycled as you would normally. The tag is made from recycled materials, but has a cute message on the reverse, so can be re-used and kept for a little bit of positivity.

Acid free tissue paper is specifically processed without certain agents, meaning it differs from standard tissue paper which is made with agents that can turn acidic. If you receive you order in a kraft paper bag, these can be recycled.

Thank you note: 
I've purposefully designed the reverse side to be kept and pinned on your wall as a daily inspirational quote, instead of disposing it. But if you do decide to, these are made from 100% recycled materials, so can be recycled.
Woven labels: 
Lovingly created by a London based business, made from organic cotton.
To secure your new items, PVC free stickers are used. 

What else is L.DROBE doing?

1. Materials:

Now over 50% of the products in the range are using more conscious materials (everything is clearly labelled whether it uses sustainable materials or not)

2. Printing:

A variety of products are printed using vegan and eco-friendly inks. The inks used obtain the Oeko-tex standard certification. 

3. Longevity:

The range is designed with longevity in mind. I'm encouraging you to buy an item that can be paired with multiple outfits, throughout the different seasons, and be kept in your wardrobe forever.

4. Easy pairing:

Each item in the range is designed to be easily paired with one another, meaning you avoid the need to over purchase.  

5. Drops:

The way the drops are operated is very limited, and are based on demand. I avoid over ordering to ensure there is no surplus stock & unnecessary wastage. Even the samples and defected items are given new homes and not wasted, as these are all sold in sample sales on Depop.

6. Vintage:

L.DROBE began as a vintage brand, as I am fully aware there is already too many clothes in circulation and this will always remain a core part of the brand.


I care about where our range is manufactured as well as who creates it. All of the printing and embroidery is produced either in London or within the U.K. and I collaborate with female, UK based designers to produce all of the designs.
Supporting local businesses throughout the process is something I hold close to my heart, and something I'll stick by as my brand grows. It is also important to me that the factories I work with have the same values as L.DROBE, which is why I look for certain certifications before working with suppliers. This means that the factories I use obtain certifications which show they abide to social and ethical standards and comply with laws and workplace regulations which is moderated via rigorous assessment.
Each product clearly states which certification is involved in their production process as I want to be as transparent as possible. 
I will continue to be transparent with you all along every step of the process, and hope you'll join L.DROBE on this exciting journey. But If you do have any questions about anything mentioned on this page, please drop me an email at and let's have a chat!